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Tristian “Pin Stripes” Mixtape





1. Tristian – They Saying Time Is What You Have

2. Tristian – When I Ride Threw The City

3. Tristian – Low Ball’N Remix

4. Tristian – Get It Like This Remix

5. Tristian – Revelations

6. Tristian – Freestyle

7. Tristian – Riot

8. Tristian – I Whip Your Head Boy

9. Tristian – 24’HR’S

10. Tristian – Get It Wet

11. Tristian – No Lie

12. Tristian – Last Hope

13. Tristian – 911

14. Tristian – Say Something

California Recording : Record Label


California Recordings is both a style of music and an american record company. The record company was founded by Tristian E Hines.  On January 12, 2016, and incorporated as California Recordings corporation on April 14, 2017, Beverly Hills, California.

The name, California Recordings, has also become a record company favorite.

CR Recordings played an important role in the music world of popular music as a privately owned record label that achieved significant success in 2020.

Top ten of the Billboard Hot 100 record chart between 2019 and 2020.



Tristian Releases New Single “Resurrected From the Fire”

575623_494669490587255_1192173964_n1Tristian has been in his fair share of beefs over the years, this time he took to Instagram to bash Power  executive producer and show creator, Courtney A. Kemp Sunday (August 7), for leaving him exposed during a sex scene without his approval. Most of the Los Angeles rapper’s post on Instagram from last night are now deleted after seeing the scene. He did have this to say regarding the scene five days ago “I hope your edit of episode 4 is right because I had some crazy moments in it. She was like the ladies will love it. Oh my God, I will never sign a deal like this again.



New Release Single ‘You Troubled In Yea Ways”

While this past Friday came and went without You Troubled In Yea Waysit also lacked the release of Tristian (rapper) new album You troubled In Ye Ways , which the Los angeles rapper claimed would be dropping Aug. 5.full-3

Now he’s announced a . Release Party for this coming Friday, Aug. 12, and though he hasn’t said he’ll be dropping the album for real this time, he does hint that we’ll learn more about the project’s release at the event.








Tristian Releases “Yea Terrific” Single

Tristian and California Recordings are teaming up to rep their hood once again. Tristian revisits his California-assisted “Yea Terrific” single to release a music video for the track. The two rappers make their moves in the night while putting on for Los Angeles like only they can.full-2