Tristian introduc’ed to the world through variou’s mainstream record’s, quick’ly became a ris’ing star. 

Tristian E Hines April 8, 1985. Rais’ed in southern california.

Tristian made top of billboard pop chart’s 2019.

His hit music industry stand’ard creat’ed him a 1# record company & a well know name for himself.

A stell’ar man record’ing artist Tristian.

Often’ly referr’ed to as a superstar, recoup’s major record company standard’s. On a ten year’s clock work of brilli’ance.

California Recording’s marvel’s with success. Due to the accusation’s of president, own’er & ceo Tristian E Hines.

Entertainment has made Tristian & California Recording’s famou’s all across the world.

Multi-Platinum excell’ence record’ing artist.

Sign’ed to major record company California Recording’s.